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Calcium Carbonate

The Microfluid Carbomil line is composed of calcium carbonates of Cretaceous with high fineness origin, obtained from selected raw material and through rigorous process of quality and control.

Calcium Oxide

Micronized Carbomil Calcium Oxide is obtained from the calcination of calcium carbonate of Cretaceous with high fineness origin, followed by grinding to a fine granulometry through strict quality control.

Calcium Hydroxide

Carbomil Hydrated Cal is made from the purest Cretaceous limestone and it is classified, according to NBR 7175, into three types: CHI, CH-II and CH-III, varying respectively in the order of highest chemical purity and granulometry.


Dolomites are rocks formed from the mineral Calcium and Magnesium Carbonates and that underwent processes of metamorphism, exhibiting distinctive mineralogy and high levels of MgO.